Running App

There are several running apps available, and they all do similar things. They usually track your runs, calculate your mileage, and give suggestions on nearby routes. The app I created is close, but offers some different features.

RunonCover RunonCal RunonPacerRunonFriends RunonGallery

Feature #1- My app will calculate your runs in progress so at any time you know how far you’ve gone and how far you need to go. After your run is completed, the app automatically saves your runs so that you or someone else with the app, can run the same route in the future.

Feature #2- The pacer screen will let you know what your past and present pace of your runs. This is a great feature for someone wanting to improve and create personal best records. The pacer will calculate and keep up to date with every run completed.

Feature #3- You can use this app to communicate with your friends. Your friends will be able to see your progress, run history, and photos.

Feature #4-The gallery screen will allow you take take any kind of picture related to your runs. It can be of your trail, your surroundings, or even yourself!

I created my app with:


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