The Time Has Come!

Today is officially the last day of our FDOM class! Although I’m really happy it’s almost time for a break, I still have 3 more finals ahead of me! I will definitely miss this class. I enjoyed learning all of the useful tools there are available in social media. I really had a good time doing this blog! When your blogging about something this is your passion,  it becomes more fun than anything!

It is amazing how many different ways a blog can help promote someone. Whether it’s for personal use, business, or branding, you are able to go more in depth with specific topics. I used blogger in the past for another personal blog, and I must say I prefer WordPress! Along with being user-friendly, I like how it is easier to follow other blogs and have followers myself. Also, connecting with other social media outlets such as Youtube, Storify, and even widgets, was a breeze! I wouldn’t change anything for WordPress or our requirements for class. I felt everything was easy to understand, and tutorials were always available.

I’m not sure if I will continue blogging in the near future. With my class load it is difficult to keep up with posting. However, if I have a job in the future that requires blogging, I wouldn’t mind one bit! I may even begin a blog my last semester to make myself more attractive for hiring! All in all, I’m glad we had this as a project in FDOM. I have recommended this class to friends, and find all the information we learned very useful!

Lastly, check out the website for Hal Higdon!

(As a seasoned runner, he has the best training programs available for every level!!)

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Ashley Bowen

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Must Haves for Running!

Outside of good running shoes, it is very important to have the right clothing and accessories! Cold, hot, or somewhere in between, ‘must haves’ make it a little easier when deciding what to wear. Being comfortable is one less thing to worry about while working towards your personal goals! I have created a video of my personal favorites. Hopefully, you find my suggestions useful!!


Links for gear:

Under Armour

Target- Women’s Active Wear

Target- Men’s Active Wear